Solar Panel

Residential Rooftop Solar Power Plant Services

Envicair is one of the leading Solar EPC companies in the Delhi-NCR region. We provide rooftop solar installation services in Gurugram, Delhi, Faridabad, Noida, Palwal, Chandigarh and Sonipat. We have been installing solar power plants in new cities depending upon demand.

The cost of your monthly electricity bill is only expected to go high from where it is today. Electricity Tariff is rising by around 10% every 5 years and high consumption will only make it worse. We, at Envicair, are determined to provide you the best possible solution to manage reduce your electricity bills. Your rooftop is capable of saving you large sums of money by cutting down your dependencies on grid supplied electricity and make efficient use of solar power plant.

Rooftop solar power plant provides electricity to the household for more than 25 years at much lower costs than grid supplied electricity. A entire cost of solar power plant is recovered within first 3-4 years and after that, it provides free electricity.

Envicair provides best in market design and engineering for rooftop solar plants. Our team conducts a free inspection at your premises and then suggests you the plant size on the basis of area availability and electricity consumption. We have partnered with the best possible brands in the industry that will ensure you maximum reduction on electricity bills and highest returns on investment.

We provide end-to-end support in terms of documentation and application for subsidy approval and net metering for your rooftop solar installation. Our executives take care of full documentation, proof, application submission. The execution team in the meantime start working on structure building, procurement and installation of solar panels.

Govt. is highly supportive of Rooftop Solar Plant installations at present. In some states, the subsidy offered is as high as 30%. Contact us today regarding your plant and enjoy the renewable energy benefits for the next 25 yrs.

Commercial Solar Power Plant Consultancy Services

Envicair has provided solar power plants and consultancy services to corporates. Corporates are big consumers of electricity and spend a lot of their operational expenditure on electricity. Solar plants are an efficient, affordable and greener method to business development.

In addition, solar power helps corporates commit to the social responsibility they carry. In this, Envicair provides solar power plant consultancy services such as economic viability, capacity requirement for a commercial establishment and the design of the plant. Our in house experts works with clients at a personal level to understand their requirements and propose a viable plan for your rooftop solar plant. Envicair provides investor consultancy by bridging the gap between consumers having large electricity requirements and the investors who are making green energy investments, including Banks, PE, large MNCs etc. This facilitates flow of capital and thus creates business opportunities for both corporate and investors. We have a strong pipeline of over 100MWp in consulting projects spanning across India, Africa and Middle East. Our experts are continuously learning through research and training so as to provide best quality solar plant installation which ensures maximum reduction of electricity bills and highest return on investments.

We do large scale Solar Plant installations for industrial businesses and institutions under Capex and RESCO model. Your rooftop, parking space and other shadow free areas can save you millions of Electricity Units annually.

From an advanced Site Assessment to Commissioning, we provide turnkey solutions to your Solar Power Requirement. We also do Solar Setup under RESCO model for our clients. Large scale profitable companies with MW scale requirements can apply for this arrangement. Besides Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), we shall also assist in Government Liasoning and O&M Services.